Grillstream is the revolutionary BBQ system, first launched in 2009 with its debut on the popular TV show Dragon’s Den.

Invented by Birmingham based engineering duo Ian and Peter, the patented BBQ technology uses the simple science that streams away most of the fats and juices from meat, preventing flare-ups to ensure healthy great tasting food.

Grillstream has since grown into one of the largest UK born BBQ brands, found in most major retailers, garden centres and dedicated BBQ stores nationwide.

Continuing to pioneer BBQ trends, Grillstream launched the hybrid system, the first dual fuel BBQ with the convenience of gas or charcoal (or both) and the gastro system, the versatile griddle for cooking with the Grillstream pizza stone, chicken roaster and wok.

With innovation as a founding pillar, our goal is to continue to revolutionise barbecuing, making it easy for everyone and anyone to enjoy the smoky taste a great grill brings.

Grillstream is part of the LeisureGrow family, which includes the brands; LG Outdoors, Petface, Casa Mia, NOMA Christmas, NOMA Garden Lighting, and NOMA Halloween.


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